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Mill Ends Park – World’s Smallest Park

The third item qualifying for the title of world’s smallest is Mill Ends Park, located in Portland, OR on SW Naito Parkway at the intersection of SW Taylor Street. It has been listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the World’s Smallest Park. The interesting story of how it came to be may be found here.


Mill Ends Park is located in what would have been a light pole site.


Having achieved the illustrious distinction of being the world’s smallest park, it certainly deserves a plaque for its notoriety.


How often do you see a recognized park entirely located in the median strip of a mojor thoroughfare?

“D” River – World’s Smallest River

On my second quest to find a world’s shortest item, I found “D” River in Lincoln City, OR. There was an attempt by the Roe River in Montana to usurp the title, but not to worry, “D” river fought back and still retains bragging rights to the distinction.


“D” River, the World’s Shortest, connecting freshwater Devil’s Lake to the saltwater Pacific Ocean.


Finally, after its epic journey of 120 feet, the “D” River converges with the Pacific Ocean.


“D” River flowing under Hwy. 101 on its short but proud journey from Devil’s Lake to the great Pacific Ocean.

Depoe Bay – World’s Smallest Harbor

When traveling, it is easy to search for the largest, tallest, most dramatic things. But recently, I took a few days to search out a few of the world’s smallest features. And I found three of them in our own Pacific Northwest backyard – a harbor, a river, and a park


As the road sign says, this is the “World’s Smallest Harbor”, although a friend who grew up in this town says that it should more accurately read the “World’s Smallest Navigable Harbor”.


On a rare sunny day in February, Depoe Bay Harbor exudes a feeling of peace and serenity.


At sunset, a graceful seagull soaring on the coastal breezes above the rocky shore of Depoe Bay